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Center for the Welfare of Infants,
Children and Youths Belgrade

Home for Children
“Maestral” Split

Home for Children
“Malci Beliceva“ Ljubljana

Home for Children
“11. oktombri” Skopje

Home for Children
“Rada Vranješevic” Banja Luka

Home for Children

Home for Children

Home for Children
“Petar Radovanovic” Užice


Home For Children 'Vladimir Nazor'

Children's Village „Dr.Milorad Pavlovic“
Sremska Kamenica

Home for Children



About the Institution  

The institution was founded in 1965 by decision of the Municipality of Karlovac. Today it is a state institution in the system of the Ministry of Health and Welfare. The seat of the House is in, the street Vladimir Nazor 10, in Karlovac.

The main activity of the Home is providing care and education and also taken care of food, clothing, personal hygiene, health, job, school and out-schools activities, and other needs of children aged 3 years and up graduation and independence, and to 21 years.
Each our work program is based on the assurance of warm, caring and very appropriate relations with the users.

Institutional (permanent) accommodation is implemented 24 hours a day, every day of the year, therefore, Sundays, and holidays and public holidays.
The optimal capacity of the Home is - 40 users. (According to the Regulations on the type of home for the children ...)
Considering the current state numerically, it is possible to realize more accommodation for up to a beneficiary (the female sections.)
It is also important to emphasize that the Department for preschool children is actually discontinued, and 6 beds are given to school children. Two preschool children, who currently reside in institutions, are integrated into groups of school children.
At the same time, there is a need based on previous experience and practice, as well as the earlier instructions of the competent Ministry, which says about always present need to dispose of at least 2-3 places for such urgent cases, immediate housing, and emergency cases, etc.

Half day (semi-institutional)) treatment. This type of program start children who need help in learning, and in addition to that we also satisfy their nutrition needs, the organization of free time, etc. These users spend the day at school, the second part of the day in the institution, and sleep in their family.
Users spend their time in the House in the opposite shift from school, and it is about those children (mostly elementary but if necessary and the high school), which the proper physical and mental growth and development within the family is partially compromised, but still there are no fully justified factors for complete separation from family.
It is actually a preventive program, and in early 2012 in the Home have been 4 groups of half-day stay, and 32 children. Some children attend school only in morning shift, and these circumstances have imposed the need for redistribution by educational groups and the work fourth of educators. It didn’t lead to an increase in the number of employees but it has already led to the reallocation of existing staff.
Considering the necessity of finding ways to help children under the program of deinstitutionalization, we intend to continue to engage in additional activities (with the Centre for Social Welfare Karlovac, neighboring branches, and schools) in purpose of triage and timely response and the prevention, and we have tried at least in our area to reduce the total institutionalization, as far as reasonably possible.

Residential communities. During 2003 The city of Karlovac gave the Home an apartment size 99 m 2,to rent  and for the needs of forming of this type of treatment. The apartment is located in the city center, at a very attractive location, but was in very poor condition.
Taking over the functions of directors in May 2007, I noticed among other things, that the regulation of this area a priority.


We have approached the analysis of options, as well as collecting many donations. After a large number of different construction projects and removal of relapsing problems, the apartment was finally arranged, and equipped with necessary furniture, appliances, etc.
One of the important things that still need to find an adequate solution for - heating, given the need to ensure maximum safety for young people staying in the apartment, and also the fact that this is an old building in which there is no radiators.
In 2011 the question of heating has not been still resolved, and unfortunately some other recurrent difficulties appeared again (roof. etc.).

During 2012 we plan to eventually enablenable the housing.
We also need a renewed attempt to confirm the status of the apartment in relation to
HOME, since it is obtained in a rental apartment, and there is fear of the appearance of the owner and needs of returning the apartment in which we have already invested material.


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