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Center for the Welfare of Infants,
Children and Youths Belgrade

Home for Children
“Maestral” Split

Home for Children
“Malci Beliceva“ Ljubljana

Home for Children
“11. oktombri” Skopje

Home for Children
“Rada Vranješevic” Banja Luka

Home for Children

Home for Children

Home for Children
“Petar Radovanovic” Užice


Home For Children 'Vladimir Nazor'

Children's Village „Dr.Milorad Pavlovic“
Sremska Kamenica

Home for Children



About Institution  
Centar za zaštitu odojčadi, dece i omladine

What is the Malči Belič Youth Care Center’s mission?
The Malči Belič Youth Care Center is a Slovenian non-profit center, that assists youth and their families who are experiencing the consequences of homelessness, conflict, and disenfranchisement. By assisting them in developing their personality, we enable our youth to realize their potential and become productive members of our community. The primary goal of the Center’s programs is to provide positive alternatives for our youth, ensure their safety and maximize their potential to make good use of available opportunities.


Who do we help?
The Malči Belič Youth Care Center gives shelter to boys and girls from primary schools. The regular neighbouring schools in the Vič district in Ljubljana provide their education. High school students are not our guests. The teenagers living in the Center during primary school who finish it successfully are allowed to live there also during the high school period.

Our Center’s programs and services assist homeless and at-risk young people to find their way to healthy and productive lives. It helps young people build on their strengths and skills. We believe that young people, given resources and care, can succeed in becoming contributing members of our community.

What is our approach?
The first contact with our Center is mostly made by local social workers, psychologists from schools, teachers, parents, relatives, fosterers, friends or neighbours.

Before a child is accepted by our Center, we have an initial interview and if possible, we also visit the child's home. We introduce life and work in our Center. We explain the conditions for living in the Center, the Center’s house rules, school obligations and other relevant facts. We also agree on weekend and holiday arrangements.

Together with the child's future pedagogue, his local social worker and our advisor we discuss with him and his family the expectations, purpose and goals that should be achieved during his stay in our Center. We also show them our premises and introduce him to his future mates.

We must point out, that the Center collaborates with young people, families and all other available resources to achieve each individual’s highest potential.

What are the youth’s needs?
Our youth need a range of services: food, clothing, a safe and nice Center environment, education, health services, counselling, job training and long-term housing. Research shows that demographically these young people closely match the social-economic and educational makeup of all the youth in our community.

How can you help?
With your help you can make a difference in a child's life. Your gift will help provide a needy child with food, clothing, medical care, computer equipment, access to recreational facilities and social events. You may also sponsor training in useful work skills, foreign language courses and other activities to ease their approach to independence.

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