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Center for the Welfare of Infants,
Children and Youths Belgrade

Home for Children
“Maestral” Split

Home for Children
“Malci Beliceva“ Ljubljana

Home for Children
“11. oktombri” Skopje

Home for Children
“Rada Vranješevic” Banja Luka

Home for Children

Home for Children

Home for Children
“Petar Radovanovic” Užice


Home For Children 'Vladimir Nazor'

Children's Village „Dr.Milorad Pavlovic“
Sremska Kamenica

Home for Children



About Institution  

Basic information:

The first organized activity that deals with care of children deprived of parental care was launched in the early Sixties in Tuzla by the Center for Social Work.
The current home originally started business as a special section for children and young people, and from 19.06.1967, it is established ,according to solution by the registration , as an independent institution called of Children's Home "Vojo Peric” Tuzla.

In the period from 1992 until 1995, the work and activities of the Home was significantly upgraded with the increased priority given to the safety of children and performing basic tasks necessary for safe and secure children’s stay in the Home. Activity of the Home was carried out in accordance with the Decree with the force of Institutions. In accordance with this Decree, Assembly of Tuzla adopted the Decision on taking over the rights of the founders of the house and its transformation into a "public institution Home for children without parental care" Tuzla.
Assembly of Tuzla-Drina Canton at the session on 22.05.1997 (now Tuzla Canton) passed the Law on takeover rights of founders of Home for children without parental care, due to the fact that children from the wider community were accepted  in that period as they are accepted now.
Today, home for children without parental care in Tuzla is an institution that takes care of children without parental care, whose development is hindered by family circumstances. Children stay in the institution to provide conditions for their return to their biological families, or to prepare for life outside the Home or until any other appropriate protection  is provided for them.
  Home in Tuzla works on principle Home family, where the children are classified into two organizational units: Baby department and School department. In baby department are accommodated children from 0-6 years and they are classified in four age groups. The house
currently has 92 children aged 0-18 years.
School Department is consisted of seven families who are heterogeneous in gender and age. In each family resides a group of 10 children with one or two teachers, and educator and a nurse depending on the age, specificity and other characteristics of the family
Educational work in the Home realize educators. They are pedagogical leaders and organizers of educational activities. Education work in the House is very comprehensive. It manifests in all fundamental areas of education. So, on it applies basic requirements in the field of physical, intellectual, moral, aesthetic and business education.
The organization of life and the articulation of work is adjusted to the age and abilities of children. An integral part of the educational process is the organization of free time. Within the institution the various sections are organized: visual arts, drama recital, musical, technical, IT and sports. Besides the section, additional classes are organized as a way to help children, psychosocial workshops, etc… In addition to activities within the institution, children were involved in various activities at the city level and in cooperation with NGOs.

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