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Center for the Welfare of Infants,
Children and Youths Belgrade

Home for Children
“Maestral” Split

Home for Children
“Malci Beliceva“ Ljubljana

Home for Children
“11. oktombri” Skopje

Home for Children
“Rada Vranješevic” Banja Luka

Home for Children

Home for Children

Home for Children
“Petar Radovanovic” Užice


Home For Children 'Vladimir Nazor'

Children's Village „Dr.Milorad Pavlovic“
Sremska Kamenica

Home for Children



About Institution  
Centar za zaštitu odojčadi, dece i omladine

Home for Children and Youth "Petar Radovanovic” is a Republican institution that deals with the care of children and youth without parental care. The basic function of institution is to provide protection for children from the moment of accommodation until the preparing for independent living, or until the moment when this type of protection is not necessary.


Simultaneously with the main function in the field of social protection, this institution accepts and educates high school youth who are educated in Uzice. For this segment of the special report, prepared in accordance with the requirements of the Ministry of Education to whom this area of work originally belongs.
Bearing in mind that in the Home children, young people without parental care, and students at the boarding accommodation live together, internal organization of life and work is suited to provide optimal conditions for development and progress of all users. Daily regime and organizations of work are unique for all, and educational activities that are being accomplished are adapted to the needs of children and young people.
The first forms of Home’s activities start in the turmoil of World War II when first forms of organized care and placement of children ,war orphans, appeared in Uzice,  in 1915. The Home was called “Orfelinat” of Red Cross of Great Britain that gave the money for its maintenance.

In 1928, the building “Orfelinat” was built as an endowment that will take care of children until constructing of a new facility in 1982 where the institution is now located.

Since 1968  Home is named "Petar Radovanovic" after partisan hero who was a protégé of the Home, who died in the war in Bosnia. In 1982, two new buildings were built on new location, with the total area of 5000 square meters. One of facilities is designed for residential users, the other one is the central kitchen and dining room, library with reading room, gymnasium with dressing rooms and other ancillary facilities necessary for life and work in the Home.
During 2010 in the Home were situated 37 children and young people deprived of parental care. At the same time in the Home were situated 245 high school students, mostly from Zlatibor region.
This year in May, began operating daily care for children and young people with disabilities whose services use 20 children and young people from the local community during the year.
Tasks in the field of educational work includes four segments related to the acquisition of habits in children’s personality and social cognition, learning and achievement in school and free time. Above all, Home is a living space in which students realize their basic needs and where in the educational atmosphere of constant concern they should achieve their best possibilities.

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